Making your Motivation last

Do you sometimes start a fitness / weight loss programme with a short term goal in mind, such as getting in shape for a holiday, wedding, Christmas party etc, only to lose that motivation after the event? Many people are only motivated by such events and as such fail to incorporate working out into their lifestyle long-term. You need to look for your own special motivation that will make the changes a long term, lifestyle thing. In some cases it may be a man who has had a heart attack and then realises that if he doesn’t change his lifestyle, he won’t see his young children growing up. Or a heavy smoker who quits for good when he / she gets a cancer scare! Hopefully it won’t take such events to motivate most of us and our reasons for change may not be so dramatic. But ask yourself what is that one thing, the trigger, the ‘why’ that will get you motivated to live a long-term healthy lifestyle? It may be that you would like to still be fit and healthy and enjoying life in your nineties? I can’t tell you. You have to discover this for yourself! Why not get back to us and share your compelling long-term motivation with us so we can share it to inspire others?

Tony Matthews

Lifegym Personal Training Gym
13 Anne Street
County Louth