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John Doran











17th Oct 2017                         8th Dec 2017












In under 8 weeks John lost 1” from his waist, gained 1” on each arm and increased his chest size by 1”





November 2017:

My adult children noticed that I had become ‘stiff’ in my movements and suggested that I needed to ‘do’ weights. I laughed at the idea as my image of weights was that of an Olympian weightlifter straining under the load. I related the story to a friend thinking they would find it funny but was surprised that they took the idea seriously and recommended Tony Matthews in Life Gym.  I was impressed with Life Gym from my first visit and undertook a four week program that I later extended to 6 months. It is an ‘all over’ programme that covers the entire body. Tony is really good at what he does – he will challenge you but will never ask you to do something you are not capable of. “I honestly feel ten years younger and my energy and mobility have improved greatly, something I especially notice while playing golf, which is a great passion of mine.” I consider the course as money very well spent. The added pressure of committing to attending Life Gym particularly in the early weeks is important as I believe I would not have maintained the effort otherwise.

MJB, Dundalk




John Conlon before & after Photos

In 6 weeks, John lost 1 stone 4lbs and 6 % body fat and 4″ off his waist. In total, in 5 months, John has now lost 2 stone and 8% body fat and 6” from his waist and continues to maintain his results long term! Well done John.

“Tony’s professionalism and expertise have helped me achieve my set goals and more. Tony kept me motivated and disciplined which I would not have been able to do working out on my own. 11/10”. John Conlon, Dundalk.



Gavin Dullaghan before & after Photos


gavin-dullaghan-june-21st-2013       gavin-dullaghan-oct-15th-2013                               gavin-dullaghan-1-june-21st-2013        gavin-dullaghan-2-oct-15th-2013




June 21st 2013                 Oct 15th 2013            June 21st 2013             Oct 15th 2013

Gavin lost 1 stone 7lbs and 4.4% body fat



Jacqui Lynch before & after Photos






July 1st 2013              July 13th 2013             July 1st 2013               July 13th 2013

In only 12 days Jacqui lost 7lbs (half a stone!) and 1” from her waist