Online Training


We also provide an online personal training service. This will suit people who cannot make it into us here at Lifegym and still wish to avail of our unique training system. The process is similar to our personal training service outlined above. You simply fill out a questionnaire and we get back to you with your training and nutrition plan. Your training plan will come with a full visual and written guide as to how to perform your exercises.

Why we’re different

  • We guarantee results when you follow the Lifegym System.
  • We ensure that your programme fits into your lifestyle
  • We use a variety of methods to ensure you achieve your goals while keeping it FUN!
  • With our unique training system, you only need 3 half hour training sessions per week

To see our range of options for online training, please head over to our web shop

Once you make a purchase, you will receive the relevant forms to fill out then you will receive your training plan and / or nutrition plan. Each training plan comes with detailed videos and description of the exercises to do, including what sets, reps and weights to use where appropriate. Your programme will be designed based on the feedback we receive on your lifestyle and assessment questionnaire, which will also tell us what, if any, equipment you have available to you.

You can also purchase  a Nutrition plan based on your lifestyle and goals.

If you would like more information regarding our online training then please contact us.