Fitness Test


In order to track your progress you need to know what your goals are. But you also need to find out where you are at at present. A basic assessment at the start of the programme will serve as a baseline for comparison.

But how can I have an assessment if I am not going to meet my trainer in person? Simple. I will explain to you how to perform a fitness test and record the results for future comparison.

Example: my goals are to lose weight, tone up and increase my energy levels. The first part of the fitness test is to take your weight (guidelines for this are to take your weight at the same time of day, wearing same clothes). Then measure your waistline. Score your energy out of 10. Note times of day when energy falls etc. Record all of this data-it will be laid out for you in question format on the fitness test form. Whatever your goals and needs are we will provide you with easy to follow guidelines to perform a test on yourself including how to check your aerobic fitness, strength and endurance, flexibility and, if you have a body fat callipers, your body fat percentage.