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I always thought that walking was the best exercise for losing weight. Why is it that no matter how much walking I do that I cant seem to lose weight?

Walking is an aerobic type exercise. You will burn a few extra calories during your walk but this is very insignificant in comparison to the benefits of a good resistance training programme. (For example a typical hamburger contains about 350 calories but to burn this off you would need to walk for 67 minutes or jog for 32 minutes or play tennis for 49 minutes!). To boost your metabolic rate you must firm up muscle tissue-most people call this toning up. This can be done with weights or body resistance exercises. With a faster metabolism you will find it easier to stay lean and in good shape and you will also have more ‘get up and go’.

Where can I find the time to train?

The latest research shows that you can get into and maintain an excellent shape with 3 x 30 minute workouts per week. That’s AN HOUR AND A HALF PER WEEK. If you don’t have this much time to devote to your health and well being then you need to take a serious look at your lifestyle. Bear in mind also that spending this time working out will not rob precious time from your daily schedule for other tasks like chasing that almighty Dollar (or Euro!) or taking care of family duties. It is well documented that all the benefits of regular training will make you more efficient and actually create more time for you.

My only problem is excess fat on my waistline but no matter how many sit-ups I do it seems to make no difference

It is important to realise that there is no such thing as “spot reduction”. In other words you can’t just perform exercises for the body part you feel is carrying too much fat and expect it to move from here. It works metabolically. Body fat is put on all over your body and comes off from every part also. A proper training routine and nutrition plan will keep your metabolic rate high so that you will be burning off any excess body fat and any excess calories you ingest. Doing abdominal work will firm up the muscle tissue but you may still have a layer of unwanted body fat over this. You need to also do exercises that work each individual muscle group to keep the whole body in shape and keep the metabolism high which keeps you lean all over and also gives you excellent energy (both physical and mental).

But if I stop training wont my muscle turn to fat?

Muscle and fat are 2 completely different tissues. It is physically impossible for this to happen. You will never be at a disadvantage for having begun training. In fact when you begin to see and feel all the benefits why would you want to stop?

As a woman, won’t weight training make me big and bulky?

No. Ladies produce much less testosterone than men. Instead of gaining muscle size you will tone up. You may have seen women in magazines that look extremely muscular and bulky and think that lifting weights will cause you to get this look. These women most probably have taken some form of steroid. Steroids are artificial forms of testosterone and this is what causes these extreme female athletes / bodybuilders to look bulky. Since muscle takes up five times more space than fat and lifting weights will help you to replace any excess fat with muscle tissue you can begin to see how it all makes sense. As you lose fat you will lose inches too and get into much better shape. Please bear in mind that muscle burns fat because it increases your metabolic rate so you will look more toned, be in better shape and have much more energy. You will also be able to eat as much food as you desire providing it is the correct type of food. If you only had a small bit of body fat to lose you may find that for this reason your weight on the scales may not have changed that much but the way you look and feel change dramatically.

Can I cancel a subscription?

Yes, you may cancel at anytime. Simply contact us through the e-mail address you were provided as a member.

Do you offer discounts for groups?

Yes. Click here to receive a price quote.

Can I buy a Gift Voucher for someone else?

Yes. We offer gift certificates for all of our training programmes and for all of our different subscription lengths. To purchase a gift voucher click here

Can I contact you if I have questions about my programme?

Yes. All you have to do is send us an e-mail. You will receive a personalized response to your question(s) within 24 hours.

Why do so many people fail to get results?

There is a critical factor in ensuring you get the best out of your training programme. If you don’t have it, it almost guarantees failure. And that’s the best information. Most people are busy enough with their job and their daily lives to be off researching the latest techniques on training and diet. But some people do this for a living. These are your ‘personal trainers’. All lifegym personal trainers are fully qualified and experienced to a high level.

Why workout with weights?

In a recent Time magazine report, a monitored weight-training programme was found to have been one of the most successful ways of getting into shape. Strength training re-shapes the body, helps increase your metabolism and therefore burn more fat and according to researchers it helps prevent osteoporosis. And not just that, there were plenty of other benefits too. For example, improved libido (more testosterone in your system), higher energy and drive, better complexion, better concentration spans and interestingly, a powerful anti-ageing tool. Not bad for working out on a few machines in the Gym or doing some basic resistance training at home with little or no equipment. This goes for ladies also; weight training will give you that lean toned look and not bulging muscles.

How quickly can I get started?

Right away!. Once you sign up, we’ll send you your first monthly program within 2 business days (depending on which program you select).

How will I receive my personalized lifegym training program?

It will be delivered right to you by email After you enroll, you will receive an e-mail with details on how to access your personalized program through our website. You are the only person who will have access to your personal program.

How Do I Get Started?

Getting started with a lifegym training programme is very easy. Click here for the details!

Why use lifegym online personal training?

There are several reasons to choose lifegym online personal training.

  • very affordable – get started for as little as €32
  • all programmes are personalised. That is, they are designed taking your goals, lifestyle and current condition into account
  • you have the option of working out in the privacy of your own home
  • you can workout on YOUR time instead of a trainer’s scheduled time
  • a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association shows that online exercise programs are an effective method for achieving results
  • you have 24/7 access to all the information you require.
  • You don’t have to stop training as you travel-you can access your online fitness routine anywhere

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