A point that is often overlooked is proper nutrition. At Lifegym, you will have a full consultation with a Holistic dietitian. We believe that you will achieve your best results when your eating habits support your training goals. And don’t worry, it’s about healthy eating, not starving yourself!

Having analysed your current nutrition habits, we give you a personalised Nutrition plan that will ensure you achieve your goals in a quicker time frame. This is a healthy eating plan as opposed to a fad diet. Please note that while fad diets may appear to be successful initially in terms of weight loss, they ultimately lead to a gain in unwanted body fat as a result of slowing your metabolism down. It is much more productive to follow a nutrition plan that will help you to get and stay lean, healthy and energetic in the long run.

Please note that you may come into us for an individual Nutrition Consultation even if you are not doing one of our personal training courses

If your interested in a personal nutrition plan then please contact us.