Do you suffer from Poor Posture or Back Pain?


Do you suffer from Poor Posture or Back Pain?


People often put more emphasis on the ‘mirror muscles’ when training in the gym. That is, the muscles of the chest, arms and abs that we see when we look in the mirror. If you have poor posture or suffer from any back pain then you may need to consider paying more attention to your back muscles.  In any case, we should all be doing at least as many ‘pulling’ exercises as ‘pushing’ exercises. For example, bench pressing should be balanced out with a seated row etc. Make sure you include exercises such as Lat pulldowns, deadlifts and rowing in your weekly routine. And get some proper tuition to ensure that your technique is correct.

It is your muscles that hold your skeleton in place and if these are weak then we get poor posture and all of the problems that go with this. A strong back will help you keep good posture throughout the day, whatever your lifestyle activities are, and help to prevent injury.

If like most people you sit too much (at your desk / computer / watching TV / driving etc.) then unless you hit the Gym, you are bound to suffer from posture issues.

If any of the above rings a bell with you, why not contact us to see how we can help you?