Clean up your diet – Eliminate added Sugars

When you’re trying to make dietary changes to lose weight or improve your health, it’s best to change one thing at a time rather than making a complete overhaul of your eating habits. Why? This way you’re less likely to be overwhelmed by the sudden change and give up. On average, we eat 82 grammes of added sugar every day.That’s almost 20 teaspoons, contributing an empty 317 calories. 91 % of these can be attributed to: soft drinks (33%), baked goods and breakfast cereals (23%), confectionary (16%), fruit drinks (10%), sweetened milk products (9%), such as ice cream, flavoured yoghurt and chocolate milk.

What’s not on this list? Meat, fruit, veg, dairy, whole-grains, raw nuts, eggs  and natural (unsweetened) dairy products. That’s your menu; stick to this and it will be a major step in the right direction). Also, have a ‘cheat meal’ once per week, if you wish,where you can break these rules. People often find this helps keep them on track.

Don’t over analyse your diet too much, or worry about the details. By avoiding sugar, you’ll automatically eliminate a lot of junk food. So your diet will instantly become healthier. And for most people, this strategy also dramatically reduces calorie intake. So you start losing weight without counting calories or restricting entire food groups. Try it for two weeks; you WILL see & feel the difference!