Exciting new changes at Lifegym

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Two exciting new developments at Lifegym

In order to best serve you in relation to your Health & Wellness Goals, Lifegym is delighted to announce that we are now offering Ki Massage Therapy by Margaret Murtagh in our new therapy room.

Also, Tony Quinn Health Shop in Jocelyn Street, Dundalk has moved to our premises (Lifegym, 13 Anne Street) where you can now purchase all your Educohealth Supplements to improve every aspect of your health.

Ki Massage Therapy now available at Lifegym. Offered by Margaret Murtagh, who has several years’ experience changing people’s lives by increasing their Life Force with a relaxing Ki massage. Ki Massage Therapy relieves tension in the muscles throughout your body, melting away accumulated stress and worry. This allows the Ki or Life force within you to flow more freely, opening the way to a greater sense of wellbeing. You feel stronger, more relaxed and generally inclined to be more positive.

The Benefits of ki Massage Therapy;
• Relaxation
• Increased Energy
• Low Back Pain Relief
• Neck and Shoulder Tension Relief
• Speeding of the Healing Process
• Sports Performance and Recovery
• Ability to Cope with Stress
• Arthritis Relief
• Aromatherapy Essential Oils used

Special opening offers available

“Feed your soul; it is the life force that will live forever”

To book or for more information please call Margaret now on 086 8531854 or email; magsmurtagh18@gmail.com. See Margarets facebook page here; https://www.facebook.com/Lifegym-Ki-Massage-102195098008848/

Educo health (Tony Quinn) health food supplements are now available in Lifegym

Educohealth is an Irish Health Company that strives to bring results and information with our unique cutting-edge products which are sourced for their highest quality and results.

The Company has been established for 30 years. They develop food supplements that are formulated in combinations that are effective and manufactured here in Ireland and always endeavour to keep the customer’s health in mind.

Educohealth has a unique outlook on Healthy living by promoting a new way of life named ‘’ Educo’’ from Latin word which means to draw out life from within. The purpose is to empower people to take a new direction in their life, nutrition and health.

When customers come into Lifegym, they are educated on the vital steps to take for  better health by providing building blocks of health. We offer the solution for holistic, optimum health. Not just a remedy for a health issue.

Educohealth Products range from Weight Loss/Weight Management, Skin & Tanning, Vitamins, Minerals and Antioxidants to Joint Health, Anti Stress, Sports Nutrition (protein, creatine, amino acids). We also offer products specialized in Men and Women’s Health.

We believe that a healthy diet combined with the right supplementation can improve your life in every way in a very short period of time and can even extend it.

Our products are available in Lifegym, Anne Street Dundalk and in our online shop here