What is Lifegym all about?

What is the Procedure when you visit us here at Lifegym?

At Lifegym Personal Taining Gym we are different from other Gyms in that we are a Gym set up for one-to-one Personal Training, so there are no other clients in the Gym when you are training.
We are also different in the attention to detail that we pay to each client as outlined below;
When the client comes in first of all we go through a Lifestyle Questionnaire.
This gives us information like what your Goals are, if you have any injuries or illnesses, if you are on any medication, have any allergies etc. etc. etc…
The first step is to find out what your goals are. You may already have a clear idea of this. If so, that’s great. If not, we will be able to assist you in defining these.
We also go through an Assessment to find out your starting point.
We can begin by checking things like your weight and (if you wish) body fat percentage & measurements.
We can also assess the different areas of fitness such as aerobic fitness, strength and flexibility. Please bear in mind that because this is Personal Training we take things at your own level and the assessment is quite easy and non-strenuous.
We also do a Posture Analysis, which can also assist us when writing the routine.
All this information serves as a basis, along with your goals, for us to write your Personalised Training Plan. It also serves a baseline for comparison. In other words, when you have gone through about 4 weeks of training we can do the same tests again and see the results.
We also go through your current dietary habits and make some changes if necessary.
We are also qualified to provide you with a Personalised Diet designed for your individual lifestyles and goals. This is a point that is often overlooked when providing the client with an overall health / fitness programme and will aid the clients efforts in maximising their results.

Lifegyms Unique Time Saving Training System

The most important aspect of fitness training is the correct information.

A lot of people fail to achieve their desired results because they are doing the wrong type of training. The training system we use is quite unique. The best results are obtained with a short workout, beginning with low intensity and increasing this as appropriate as you go.

You can get into and stay in excellent shape with only 3 short workouts per week.

Obviously if you haven’t been training then you start with a low intensity and work up but you will be amazed at how quick you will see results with this type of training.

Please Contact us to set up an initial consultation to get you started on your new Healthy Lifestyle or fill out the online form to avail of our online Personal Training

For further details on all lifegym’s services please phone 00353-86-8598954 / 00353-42-9354992 or email tmatthews@lifegym.ie contact us via the web site www.lifegym.ie