Tips on Losing Fat

To Lose Fat:

1.Don’t Crash Diet
If you don’t eat, you’ll lose weight, right? Yes, in the short term, but you’ll be using valuable muscle for fuel. If your body thinks it’s starving, it releases a flood of adrenaline and cortisol. These cause your body to burn muscle and store fat, the reverse of what you want. This situation slows down your metabolism, whereas we want to speed it up.

2. Eat good fats
Eating fat doesn’t make you fat. You need good fats found in nuts, avocados & fish. These fats produce hormones such as testosterone. they also store the fat-soluble vitamins, A, D, E & K.

3. Lift Weights
The best way to burn fat is with strength training. Here’s why: strength training (via free weights or weight machines) will increase your lean muscle mass, turning your body into a round-the-clock calorie-burning factory. (Experts estimate you need to take in an extra 50 to 60 calories per day just to maintain each pound of muscle you add to your frame.)

4. Avoid Sugar & Simple Carbohydrates
Sugar & simple carbohydrates (potatoes, white rice white pasta, white bread, refined breakfast cereals) cause a sudden surge in blood sugar and of insulin and cause fat storage.

5. Eat foods as close to nature as possible, avoiding processed food. Base your diet around unprocessed meat, fish & fowl, Fruit & vegetables, unrefined grains, eggs & dairy.

6. Supplementation
There is a lot of research to show that you can get extra benefit from supplementing your diet with the Natural Health Food Supplements.

A good quality Amino Acid supplement in conjunction with Ornithine can be a great way of naturally boosting your metabolism and fat burning.

These supplements are not meant to replace healthy food but rather, as the name suggests, supplement the diet with nutrients that we are not getting the optimum levels of from our diet.

(If you have any medical issues consult your doctor before taking these supplements)

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