The Power of the MIND in Reducing Body Fat!

Do you want to know your most important tool? It is your mind. You have the ability inherent within you to create for yourself your own best self. Here we review some of your greatest assets for success in the fat-loss lifestyle.
1. Your Attitude:

We can’t emphasize enough the fact that your attitude is the single most important determining factor in whether you will not only succeed in your fat-loss goals, but also whether you will be happy or miserable while doing it. One of our favorite quotes here is one by Wayne Dyer: “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”. Can you see the difference in how you may feel if you view the fat loss lifestyle as a way to look and feel your best, to have great energy and to improve your health versus if you look at the fat loss lifestyle as one of deprivation, rigidity, unfulfilled cravings and a sacrifice? Looking at your choices and decisions in a negative way automatically introduces negativity into your mind; looking at them with positive regard creates positive energy and a positive mind state. Create a positive attitude if you don’t have one – make it your job.
2. A Plan:

Taking the time to go food shopping, prep up a lot of your food and plan meals will go a long way towards maintaining your sanity during this process and making sure that you stay on track. Each weekend, when I have time off, I go shopping: I buy 2 lbs bison, 2 lbs ground turkey, 2 lbs chicken breasts, several dozen eggs, some cans of tuna fish and caned salmon, oatbran, sweet potatoes, a large box of spinach and salad greens, and asparagus and other veggies. I take it all home and cook it up; this becomes the “backbone” of my diet during the week, and I supplement with shakes, bars and other items as necessary.
3. A Backup Plan:

As we all know very well, things almost never go according to plan. Having little back up tricks in our pocket will help us go through our days smoothly and be able to handle any situation that may pop up. Know which restaurants serve the best green salads topped with chicken, where you can get a great steak with veggies, and what to order in fast food joints. For example, at Starbucks we love the chocolate-banana Vivanno made with a half a banana and 3 extra scoops of protein, or perfect oatmeal with extra water and 3 scoops protein powder, topped with the nut packet. Have your favorite protein bars stashed in your office, glove compartment and bag. In your freezer make sure you’ve got several bags of your favorite berries and veggies. Always have some protein powder on hand for a quick shake. Making sure that you never let yourself get hungry and that you can be savvy with ordering while out keeps the fat loss lifestyle easy