New Healthier You in 2023

Create a New Healthier You in 2023 with the help of our extensive range of Natural Health Supplements. Available in Lifegym, Anne Street, Dundalk or in our online shop
Even a good diet doesn’t contain all the vitamins and minerals we need for great health, partly because of intensive farming and longer storing times of fresh foods and also as a result of the refining process which removes nutrients.Additionally the recommended daily allowances (RDAs) simply aren’t high enough to ensure optimum health – they are set at levels that just prevent us getting a deficiency disease such as scurvy in the case of vitamin C

Instead, through a combination of a well balanced diet and a good supplementation programme, you should try to achieve an optimum daily allowance (ODA) of vitamins and minerals – which will help you to achieve great health. As a result you’ll notice a lot of benefits to your health including a boost in your immunity (less colds and infections), increased energy and a reduced risk of getting chronic disease like cancer and heart disease.