Motivation to Exercise

Here are some useful tips to get you motivated to get fit and healthy…

Many people put off exercising due to lack of motivation. You know that you need to start looking after your Health but you’ll ‘do it soon’. How long have you been teling yourself this? The aim of this article is to provide you with some information to motivate you to begin or resume your healthy lifestyle.

Here’s a few simple tips to get you started:

1. Write down your Goals

Many studies have proven that people who write down their goals and review them on a regular basis have much more success in achieving them. For example, if your goal is to lose weight and reduce your waistline then write down your current weight and waistline measurement and what you would like it to be. Also, give yourself a time frame. Now would be a good time to say ‘I’d like to achieve my ideal shape and weight for the office Christmas Party’. Keeping this in mind every time you go to work out or sit down to eat can be very motivational (and also great fun!)

2. Have a ‘Hero’

You may have a sporting hero or someone in the media that you admire or an actor / actress that you feel is in the ideal shape. Why not cut their picture out of a magazine and post it somewhere that you’ll see it every day (on your fridge / office / in your car). Having a mental picture of your desired outcome can motivate you to bring it about. You hear every Life Coach / Business Coach / Sports Coach talking about ‘Visualisation’. This simply means holding a vision in your mind of your desired outcome.

3. Get a Personal Trainer

There are many advantages of getting a Personal Trainer. A personal trainer can help you decide what your Goal should be and the time frame. They will also design the correct training plan for you to get maximum results in minimum time. This will take the guesswork out of it for you and make it easier to get started. They can also analyse your diet and make changes as necessary. Having a Personal Trainer also motivates you to train and eat properly as you are now accountable to someone.

4. Educate yourself

Check out the latest tips and information online to keep your interest in your new healthy lifestyle.

5. Make a list of activities that you enjoy

The things we enjoy doing take little motivation. Write out a list of activities that you enjoy doing (a walk on the beach / going for a swim etc.). You may be surprised at how many you come up with and how long it is since you did them! This means you never have to be bored. Simply take out your list and do one of the activities.

I hope that these tips will motivate you to achieve your Health and fitness goals.

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