Kettlebells-The Latest way to Shape Up Fast!

Are You interested Weight Loss, Body Shape, Power, Strength, Developing the Core Muscles & improving Aerobic Fitness?

In the past few years interest in the kettlebell has taken off. Kettlebell lifting is still relatively new in “the West” though it has been practised in Eastern Europe and Russia possibly back as far as 1704. Widely used across the world by Strongmen in the early 1900s it faded away before making a comeback in the last decade and a half.

A kettlebell is hand held weight that can be used to train the whole body. It resembles a cannonball with a handle.

Kettlebells workouts are great for Losing Weight, Building Strength, Improving Body Shape, Getting Aerobically Fit and Boosting Energy. Kettlebell lifting provides a full body workout and while heavy kettlebells can be used over short lengths of time to train for strength gain, lighter kettlebells can be used over longer sessions to train your cardiovascular system. And they do work well. If you want proof (at least anecdotal), rent the film epic 300 and take a look at the physique of lead actor Gerard Butler who plays King Leonidas of Sparta. Butler used kettlebells to prepare for his role in the film.

Celebrities such as Claire Danes and Penelope Cruz use kettlebells to tone their bodies and stay in shape while one of the most famous kettlebell pictures was taken of Lance Armstrong when he used them preparation for his return to competitive cycling in 2009 and coaches at both Liverpool and Chelsea Football Clubs have being using kettlebells with their players.

But it’s not just Hollywood types and professional athletes that are getting
into it. Kettlebell classes are becoming very popular everywhere for people who just want to get into shape, lose weight or to improve their conditioning for sport.

Kettlebell Training is great because it brings cardio and strength training together in one quick routine. Instead of lifting weights for a half hour and doing the treadmill for another half hour, you can get everything done with
kettlebells in 20 minutes. Kettlebell exercises train the entire body, including the core and all the major muscle groups. Kettlebell training also gives you a great aerobic workout. It is one of the best ways to burn calories. Because you use a lot of muscle groups at the same time, you can get a really good workout in a very short space of time.

Kettlebell classes attract exercisers who really like the simple, total-body exercises.

With a training tool this versatile, no matter what your exercise aims are, kettlebells are for you!

Kettlebell Classes by Lifegym Now Available in ‘The Studios’, North Link Retail Park, Dundalk, County Louth

Classes starting Thurs Oct 27th: Thurs 7.30pm & Sat 11am (1 Hour each)

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