Everything you need to know about getting back into the gym after the coronavirus lockdown

Lifegym will  reopen on Monday, June 29th

Now that gyms are reopening and you can get back to your fitness routine, let’s take a look at how you can do it in the smartest, healthiest way without hurting yourself. The Gyms in Ireland will open on Monday week, June 29th. If you’ve emerged from isolation carrying extra coronavirus pounds you’re not alone. It’s been a wake-up call for many, who feel far from their pre-pandemic selves.

Here’s everything you need to know about hitting the gym again.
Why go back?
For many people heading back to the gym couldn’t come soon enough, but they may have gotten a little out of condition. You can’t put a price tag on your physical and mental health — and it’s worth investing in the right coaching and doing it right. There are many advantages to going to Lifegym now, as well as a safer environment due to the fact that there will be only one person in the Gym as well as yourself  (the instructor), you will get the very best instruction and guidance for your own level and desired goals in the most efficient way possible.

I believe that the Gym is irreplaceable as an essential part of your health & fitness regime. Some cardio and getting outdoors into nature is very healthy and you should keep some of this up. But there are endless benefits of getting back to the gym. The physical and mental health benefits of strength training that you may have missed out on over the past three months make the gym a valuable part of your lifestyle
Don’t go too hard, too soon
While many of us may be craving that endorphin high or just desperate to get out of the house, I would urge you to “ease back into it”. Unfortunately, most of us can’t go straight back to where we were three months ago Start slowly if you have not been training. Don’t try to take off where you left off 3 months ago if you have not been training. Or if you have switched from lifting weights to just doing cardio because you couldn’t get to the gym, don’t try to lift what you used to lift. Start light and ease yourself back into it. Train smart, not just hard. Be patient-you don’t want to hurt yourself!

There is such a thing as muscle memory, it’s not like starting as a total beginner. You may be surprised how quickly you can get back to where you were. If you have kept up your training during the lockdown, congratulations, you already have a great head start. If you are a total beginner, take the opportunity to start a new healthy lifestyle by joining a gym (maybe for the first time ever).
And if you’ve discovered fitness during lockdown — keep it up.
Whatever activity you did during this time, if you enjoy it, keep it up. Whether it is walking, playing a sport or an online fitness class. But adding a few short gym sessions per week into the mix is very worth while.
How safe is it?
Because lifegym is a Private, Personal Training gym, it is easy for us to adhere to health recommendations including physical distancing, cleaning and hygiene. Training at Lifegym is safer than going to the super market, or any shop, as we can easily keep our distance and clean everything that was used after every session.
90 per cent of the gym members have expressed interest in coming back to the gym.
The other 10 per cent are hesitant which is understandable, especially for those with immune conditions or who live with a vulnerable or elderly person. Some are just waiting for a couple of weeks to feel more comfortable about things going back to normal.

If you are continuing to use the home Gym that you have set up during Covid, why not give us a shout here at Lifegym so that we can give you the best training programme for the results you wish to achieve?
Whatever road you take, be safe, be healthy and have fun!

 Please make contact with us at now Lifegym if you wish to further discuss your personal goals regarding your Health and Fitness