Hypnosis at Lifegym

Now available at Lifegym Personal Training Gym-Hypnosis Sessions

Hypnosis is now available at Lifegym by Kevin veal dhp, dip, hyp, adv, dip, hyp, registered member no 0051 the Irish hypnotist register.

Hypnosis is a powerful technique it can help you change negative beliefs
and achieve your goals, treat serious emotional problems, and alleviate
a range of medical conditions, hypnosis is used for therapeutic purposes and is used to encourage your unconscious mind to find solutions to problems.
Hypnosis is a state of mind connected to deep relaxation, narrowed focus, and increased suggestibility. Hypnosis is an intermediate state
between sleep and wakefulness.

Stop Smoking
How many sessions is it going to take you to become a non-smoker? Well, hypnotherapy can help you to quit in one session.
Using hypnosis to quit smoking is not magic, and very much relies on building up your willpower. If you enter into your therapy session with the right motivation and a genuine desire to quit, then the hypnotherapy is extremely effective in helping you to become and remain a non-smoker.

Smoking increases your heart rate and increases your requirement for oxygen and other nutrients in the blood.

Increased carbon monoxide in the blood may
contribute to the development of coronary heart
disease (heart attack).

Smoking cigarettes increases the tendency for
the blood to clot in the vessels (thrombosis).

Smokers have a higher risk of developing
arteriosclerosis of the arteries supplying blood
to the heart; hardening and narrowing of these
arteries reduce the blood supply to the heart muscle.
Your risk of heart attack and angina occurring prematurely is generally increased if you smoke cigarettes.
No matter how heavy a smoker you are, or for how long you
have been smoking, it’s never too late to stop.

Well I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again-hypnotherapy is not magic. You cannot go in for a hypnotherapy session and come out ten pounds lighter; it just doesn’t work that way! What hypnotherapy does is help you make changes to your eating and exercise habits, as well as help you to enjoy the
process of managing your weight. All in all it helps you to change your lifestyle to that keeps you slimmer and fitter and looking great.
Here at Dundalk-hypnosis I offer weight-loss hypnosis sessions also the latest gastric band sessions but please remember that experts recommend 1 to 2 pounds of
weight loss per week.

Pain Control
If you have pain that inhibits you from pursuing normal, everyday activities, hypnosis can provide powerful pain relief. During hypnosis, you relax and your mind focuses on something other than pain, possibly even something pleasurable. The combination of these two events-lowering your anxiety through relaxation and moving your focus away from the pain-lets your nervous system register less-pain, or no pain at all. It is mainly through relaxation and removing fear that hypnosis pain reduction has its greatest advantages.

Relaxation and Stress Relief
Even though you often don’t know how to handle stress anxiety or fear that doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do about it. Hypnosis-relaxation is an excellent way to relax
your heart rate slows down, your breathing rate slows down and becomes deeper, the muscles throughout your body become less tense, blood is evenly distributed throughout the body, your digestion system works efficiently, your thoughts become less concrete and more abstract-more image and feeling based, so if your feeling stressed treat yourself to a hypnosis-relaxation session.

In fact, hypnosis is used to treat a variety of conditions. It is safe and effective.

At Dundalk hypnosis I use hypnotherapy to treat:

  • stop smoking
  • pain control
  • fears/phobias
  • panic attacks
  • depression
  • relaxation-therapy
  • stress-related disorders
  • confidence issues
  • guilt
  • anxiety/fear
  • nerves
  • hypnosis for sport
  • exam nerves, memory, concentration
  • social skills and communication difficulties
  • positive self image
  • alcoholism and problem drinking
  • mood swings
  • high blood pressure
  • relationship, separation anxiety

…and many other issues.

I’m a fully qualified hypnotherapist and member of the Irish Hypnotist Register no. 0051.

I have a therapy room at Lifegym, 13 Anne street Dundalk
If you require any more information, please visit my website at www.dundalkhypnosis.com or email kevin@dundalkhypnosis.com . I’m sure that you will find my website informative and interesting.
I look forward to answering any questions you may have regarding hypnosis.

Also if you have an interest in trying hypnosis at the moment I’m offering a half hour relaxation therapy session for clients to try hypnosis at a reduced price.

If anyone is interested please visit the contact page of my website,www.dundalkhypnosis.com