Watching Your Portion Sizes

Although we might choose healthy snacks and food – our portion sizes are often too large! Spend time familiarising yourself with the correct portion sizes and allowances for your food.
Even if you are eating the correct type of foods you can still eat too much at one sitting. The body can only process so much food at any one time. The rest will be stored as body fat. To avoid this scenario, base your diet around 3 meals per day and 2 small snacks in between.
Easy Ways to Size up Your Portions

Vegetables (five servings) Weight/measure / serving size
Green leafy vegetables Unlimited
Cooked ½ cup
Raw 1 cup
Fruit (two servings) Serving size
Fresh 1 medium or 2 small pieces
Dried 1½ tablespoons sultanas, 4-5 apricots/prunes/figs
Carbohydrates Serving size
Bread 2 small slices
Muesli or wholegrain cereal ½ cup
Rice, bulgar, freekeh, quinoa ½ cup
Pasta 1 cup
Sweet Potato 100 grams (½ cup cooked)
Corn 1 cob
Legumes ½ cup
Healthy Fats Serving size
Oil 1 teaspoon
Oil vinaigrette 1 tablespoon
Tahini and natural peanut butter 3 teaspoons
Raw nuts and seeds 30g (a small handful)
Cheese 30g (size of a small matchbox)
Protein Weight/measure serving size
Lean meat, poultry, oily fish 150g (equivalent to the size of the palm of your hand)
White fish 180g (size of your whole hand)
Tinned fish 80g (small can)
Skim milk 250ml (1 cup)
Yoghurt (low-fat, plain) 125g (½ cup)
Legumes ½ cup
Tofu 120g (palm of your hand)
Eggs 100g (2 medium whole eggs)