Weight Loss the Natural, Healthy way

Have you tried dieting to lose weight only to find you ended up in worse shape?

Many people find this when they go on a ‘starvation’, or very low calorie diet. This is because they lose lean muscle tissue as well as fat. It is the lean muscle tissue that gives you your shape and energy and keeps your metabolic rate high. When your metabolism is higher, this means you are burning more excess body fat and burning your food for energy instead of storing it as fat.

Our Weight Loss Pack contains 2 products, Amino-Or and Amino Energise to help you lose body fat and hold onto lean muscle tissue.

Phase I: Amino-Or
Have you ever noticed that you weigh less in the morning than you did at night? This is because your body’s fat-burning process largely works at nighttime. Amino Or may boost this fat-burning process when taken on an empty stomach before bedtime. When you boost this process, you safely and effectively allow your body to metabolise fat for energy at a greater rate than before. The great thing about this is that your body will selectively burn fat, not firm tissue. This is a completely different approach to reducing fat, because you are not starving or breaking down your firm tissue.

Phase II: Amino Energise
Did you know that your body burns energy even while you are watching TV or sitting at your desk? This is what is known as your resting metabolism, or metabolic rate. The more firm tissue you have, the higher your metabolism. Our daytime product Amino Energise is designed to directly benefit your metabolism. It contains the very building blocks of protein, which in turn forms the firm tissue in your body, benefiting your energy levels. As the majority of fat in the body is actually burnt by firm tissue, protecting firm tissue with Amino Energise is essential to avoiding any fat rebound often associated with weight-loss programs.

Weight Loss Pack

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