The benefits of Personal Fitness Training

The benefits of one-to-one Personal Fitness Training



The advantages of using a personal trainer are numerous:


Knowledge / expertise




Goal achievement


Supervised Instruction 




Safe-Injury prevention




Personalised programmes to suit the individual, regardless of age. 




I think the problem with exercising in gyms is that people can spend too long doing the wrong things. At Lifegym we can create unique training programmes for each individual that take as little as 20 to 30 minutes, 3 times per week.


90 minutes a week – Get into great shape…genuinely


In the time it takes you to watch a football match or 1 and a half episodes of your favourite soap opera, you could be achieving your ideal body shape and all that goes with it.





Knowledge / expertise

There is a critical factor in ensuring you get the best out of your training programme.  If you don’t have it, it almost guarantees failure.  And that’s the best information.   Most people are busy enough with their job and their daily lives to be off researching the latest techniques on training and diet. But some people do this for a living.  They are usually called ‘personal trainers’.


Many people who want to get into great shape start off with the best of intentions but after a few weeks very often that ‘rock solid’ commitment is usually not 100%.  And even if it is, a lack of knowledge on how best to train means that many will literally spend hours and hours running on a treadmill every week with little or no gain. 



How many people do you know who spend ages in a gym but don’t get results?  Quite often the reason is because they don’t know what to do.


Many will spend a fortune joining a gym only to leave a couple of months later without any results.  Why not invest your money wisely and get a return?   Personal trainers, once they have the best information, will allow you to achieve what you want. 



One-to-one sessions also provide our clients with greater motivation.


The client is constantly monitored, motivated and supported to steer him/ her towards the agreed goals in a safe, effective and efficient manner.


People have told me that having to keep an appointment means they are more likely to work out than if they were just going to the gym on their own.


People often give up because they dont have the correct guidance.


Goal Achievement

This is very much a goal-oriented service and focuses on each individual. (As opposed to the alternative method of joining a public gymnasium and being left very much to your own devices).

So at the start we discuss your goals so we know what we are setting out to achieve and we design your programme accordingly.


Supervised Instruction

Supervised Instruction in correct technique to maximise results.

A qualified fitness instructor who is specifically qualified and experienced in the area of personal training supervises the clients’ overall routine, as well as each workout.




You can train in a private environment, which suits people who may feel self conscious about training in a crowded Gym.



Safe; Injury prevention

Our programmes are geared to achieve results and with one-to-one attention our clients train in a controlled environment each and every time they work out. This dramatically reduces the prospect of picking up injuries as a Personal Trainer will take any injuries / illnesses into account when writing your routine.



With our training programme, you get results without spending every waking hour in the gym.  3 x 20 or 30 minutes sessions a week with some changes to your diet (and that doesn’t mean eating grass!!) and very soon you’ll see changes






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