Exercise and Nutrition tips for a Healthy Christmas

Christmas can be a time for excess when all our healthy habits go out the window, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are ways we can be a little more gentle with our bodies so we don’t start January 2021 feeling worse for wear. With this in mind here are some top tips for staying healthy this Christmas.

Support your liver

Alcohol tends to be a focal point during the festive season but it’s important to remember that alcohol is absorbed through the walls of the intestine and travels straight to the bloodstream causing damage to our organs, including the brain and liver. Alcohol causes dehydration and weakens our cells. If you’re drinking over Christmas think about extra liver support. You can do this with liver supporting foods and herbs like garlic, onions, cruciferous vegetables (Brussel sprouts, cabbage, kale, broccoli)


Quality Supplements can also help. Such as a good multi Nutrient

Here at Lifegym we have launched our own Multi Nutrient supplement. This is a premium product that we developed this in conjunction with a supplement manufacturer in Italy (Eudinamis). It is Produced to the highest quality standards in Italy by Eudinamis (a GMP and ISO certified company with over 20 years’ experience in the field). It has been approved by the FSAI.

Our philosophy behind this product is to go beyond obtaining the minimum requirements of nutrients an aim for optimum levels for robust good health and we developed it with this in mind.


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Watch the sugar

It’s tempting to reach for the chocolates or the mince pies but remember all that extra sugar is going to play havoc with your hormones and leave you moody with a poor complexion by the time January comes. Of course, we want treats over Christmas, but try to eat more protein and vegetables at dinner so you feel less need for a large portion of dessert. You will feel so much better for it.


Water, water, water

Don’t forget to keep drinking filtered water. It’s so easy to forget when we are not in our usual routine but dehydration will make you feel sluggish physically and mentally, give you dry skin, headaches and may lead to eating even more!

“Also during the holidays, it’s hard to keep track of how many drinks you’ve had. Every 30 minutes, put your drink down in favour of a glass of water (still or sparkling). The water helps you slow down, gives your liver a much-needed rest, and will save you a few hundred calories and grams of sugar over the course of the night. That’s the difference between a massive hangover the next morning and noticeable weight gain by New Years Day.”


Your festive smoothie

Even if the rest of the day is a bit naughty, why not start with our Green smoothie. This will give you a dose of wonderful fats, antioxidants and protein.


Consume consciously

Thinking about your carbon footprint at Christmas is a challenge but we can try to be conscious of our impact by reducing how much we consume, buying presents with limited packaging, reusing wrapping paper and recycling as much as possible. We can also buy our food from local farmers who pasture raise their animals and grow their produce either organically or using natural fertilisers. This is not only healthier for you and the animals, but better for the planet.


Don’t go hungry

“Never, ever, go to a party, cocktail event, business dinner, charity event, etc. hungry. No one’s willpower is strong enough to resist trays filled with temptation, and just a few mini bites adds up the calories and sugar. Eat a substantial snack filled with protein and fibre before arriving at your event and you’ll be able to stick to your diet much more easily.

Don’t wait until after the holidays to start training.

Offset the holiday excesses with some exercise. Stay ahead of your fitness so you aren’t so overwhelmed when the new year arrives.

If you’re breaking your normal Gym routine, it’s a good idea to do some workouts at home or go for a walk or some other outdoor activity that you enjoy

The issue of gaining weight really comes down to a simple equation: For the amount of food you’re consuming, are you burning equal amount of fat and energy so the body doesn’t store anything? There are also many other more complex reasons we can put on weight, like mixing incompatible foods or drinking too much liquid with your food.


Eat more whole foods.

Because fiber is the key to satiety, opt for whole-food ingredients throughout your holiday meals. Base your dishes on vegetables, whole grains, fruits, legumes, herbs, and a bit of raw nuts and seeds to maximize your nutritional bang for your caloric buck.

We need more impulse control, especially during holidays. Make sure that you eat three meals and three snacks every day to help avoid impulsive eating. Healthy fruits, veggies and potatoes will work well for snacks, this way you might not notice the holiday cookies in the window of your favourite bakery, or, on the other hand, if someone offers you holiday cookies you might take one and not three.


Everything in moderation:

Take a small portion of all the things you like and spread these out amongst meals and/or days. Motivate yourself to stay disciplined and eat what you like in moderation but back that up by rewarding yourself with good foods, staying hydrated by drinking lots of water and by participating in some sort of exercise program to keep your metabolism moving. Twenty to 30 minutes of moving a day keeps the heart rate going, metabolism running at a consistent pace, and blood flowing. Holiday season is the time to enjoy and partake in the festivities by eating things you enjoy and or having a drink or two, but this doesn’t mean go hard and play hard—it means go easy and enjoy but give love back to your body by eating well the other days and doing exercise to keep the weight off and digestive system moving properly.


But most importantly, remember to enjoy the break. And happy Christmas from Lifegym to you all