Life Health Multi Nutrient Formula

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Multi Nutrient, high strength essential vitamins and minerals, convenient all in one daily tablet. High in antioxidants, vitamins C, D and zinc, exceptional economical price. Supports your immune system and overall health. 90 tablets, three months supply, less than €10 per month


Product Details

Health Benefits at a Glance:

Life Health’s Multi Nutrient contains the highest strength vitamins and minerals of any quality formula that you will find in one daily tablet. This gives you far greater availability of the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients than many regular store-bought formulas. This product supports your health in many ways, at an exceptional economical price.

Our aim is optimum health for you. Researchers have demonstrated that unless you are taking the ideal dose of vitamins and minerals every day, you will not fully receive their benefits which can lead to better health and well-being.

So, if you want to receive an ideal dose of vitamins and minerals every day, why not take the right one?


Supplement Facts

Servings Per Container 90


Amount Per Serving (1 tablet):

Magnesium 300mg

Vitamin C 180mg

Niacin 27mg

Vitamin E 20mg

Zinc 12,5mg

Iron 14mg

Pantothenic acid 9mg

Vitamin B6 3mg

Riboflavin 2,4mg

Thiamin 2,1mg

Copper 1,2mg

Vitamin A 1,1mg

Folate 0,3mg

Biotin 0,225mg

Iodine 0,15mg

Selenium 55µg

Chrome 50µg

Vitamin D 7,5µg

Vitamin B12 1,5µg

Additional information

Weight 170 kg


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