Magnesium Complex – The Essential Mineral for your Heart

• Reduction of tiredness and fatigue.
• Electrolyte balance.
• Normal energy-yielding metabolism.
• Normal functioning of the nervous system.
• The function of nerves muscles and heart.
• Psychological function.
• Maintenance of normal bones and teeth.
• Protein synthesis.
• Has a role in the process of cell division

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Super You Box – Look and feel great in 30 days

Look and feel great in 30 days

The Super You Programme contains 4 cutting edge dietary food supplements, a diet and meal plan, plus expert tips from our nutritional team. There is also a Super You chat line (click on the ‘Ask’ icon on the bottom right of your screen) where a health and weight loss expert is there to advise and support you through your 30- day Programme. The key to success with this Programme is to really go for it 100%. Follow the plan step by step. And see the amazing results from the SUPER YOU!

Your 1 month weight loss program includes                                                                           

  • Low Glycemic diet plan
  • Amino Energise – day time weight loss
  • Amino Or – night time fat loss
  • Magnesium complex
  • One tub of protein of your choice (please state your choice in the ‘Order Options’ Box when you go to Checkout)

Choose from one of the following six options; (Click on individual products below for details)

Profemme Vanilla

Profemme Strawberry

Profemme Real Cocoa

Proform Vanilla

Proform Strawberry

Proform Real Cocoa



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GLUCOSAMINE – food for the joints

A Building Block of Joint Tissue

Many people today are troubled by joint and connective tissue problems.  Glucosamine is a natural component of tendons, ligaments, joint cartilage and synovial fluid.

• Great for sport injuries

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IMMUNI-ZINC 120 CAPSULES – an essential mineral

Key benefits;

• Normal cognitive function
• Normal fertility and reproduction
• Maintenance of normal testosterone levels in the blood
• The normal function of the immune system
• Normal protein synthesis
• Normal DNA synthesis
• Maintenance of normal hair
• Maintenance of normal nails
• Maintenance of normal skin

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Bone & Nerve Formula- Build Bones and Teeth While You Sleep

Key Benefits

• Electrolyte balance.
• Normal functioning of the nervous system.
• Normal acid-base metabolism.
• Normal fertility and reproduction.
• Maintenance of normal bones and teeth.
• Maintenance of normal skin, nails and hair.
• Normal testosterone levels in the blood.
• Maintenance of normal vision.
• The normal function of the immune system.
• Normal growth and development in children.
• Normal muscle function.

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LIFE FORCE MIX – Advanced multi-nutrient formula

• Immune Support
• Contains Vitamin D (2000 IU
• Antioxidant Protection (Detox)
• Anti-Ageing (Youthification)
• Reproductive Health
• Brain & nervous system
• Heart & bloodstream
• Collagen, Your Skin & Hair
• Multi-Vitamin & Mineral (plus micronutrients)
• Energy Production

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