Beta-Gold Tanning Tablets


Beta-Gold tanning tablets can help you get a deeper, healthier tan so you can look your best all year round.


If you have ever wished for a golden tan all year round then these tanning capsules may be the answer! Beta-Gold is a natural food supplement extracted from plants. When used for over two weeks it can cause the skin to turn a light golden colour. The effect is only amplified when used in conjunction with sunbathing or sunbeds.

 It may also help to protect the skin from the effects of UV radiation (but you must still use sunscreen!)
Beta-Gold also contains Pro-Vitamin A, a useful nutrient which your body converts to Vitamin A – but only in the amount it requires so you can’t take too much. Large-scale studies seem to prove that this provitamin may actually help protect the body against disease.
Research into ageing has focused on the role of free radicals. Free radicals are like scavengers that go around snatching electrons from healthy cells causing cellular damage which leads to wrinkling and loss of elasticity, i.e. premature ageing.
The good news, however, is that we can help the body dispose of free radicals. Certain foods, vitamins, and minerals seem to combat or mop up these scavengers. Among these are vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium and the form of Pro-Vitamin A found in Beta-Gold.

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