Buffered Vitamin C Powder


Vitamin C for Oxidative Stress-Reduction, Immune System and Whole-Body Support


Health Benefits at a Glance:

Buffered Vitamin C powder contains the essential Vitamin C nutrient which can help reduce oxidative stress, support collagen formation, promote iron absorption and support the immune system. Simultaneously Buffered Vitamin C also contains the essential minerals calcium, magnesium, zinc and potassium to produce a reduced-acid solution that is non-irritating to the stomach and intestinal lining.



Why it Works:

Vitamin C is an essential mineral that the body cannot produce, and is required at higher-than-normal levels during times of stress [1-4]. Vitamin C is a white, crystalline, water-soluble substance found in citrus fruits. As an antioxidant, vitamin C can scavenge free radicals in the body and helps protect tissues from oxidative stress as well as support the immune system [5-12]. Vitamin C also promotes the absorption of iron, while inhibiting its oxidation in the body [13,14]. Furthermore, Vitamin C is a vital cofactor to the formation of collagen, the connective tissue that supports arterial walls, skin, bones, and teeth [8-10]. It can also help aid physical stresses on the body such as ingestion of heavy metals [15-20] cigarette smoking [21-24] and extreme temperatures [25-30] also signal the need for increased vitamin C intake [31].

Vitamin C Powder contains four buffering minerals, in addition to ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) which promotes whole-body health. When mixed with water, Buffered Vitamin C powder produces a reduced-acid solution that is non-irritating to the stomach and intestinal lining. The minerals make this solution a more pleasant-tasting and healthful drink. The substances used in this product make it effervesce for a short while when mixed with water.



The Science Behind the Product:

The human body does not produce vitamin C which must be received from foods and supplements [32]. Vitamin C levels may drop during stress situations [32], why higher vitamin C intake can be necessary during times of stress [1-4]. A lack of vitamin C has been linked to duration of colds along with immune system problems [32]. A lack of vitamin C can broadly affect various key aspects of maintaining a proper immune function [32].

Studies suggest that vitamin C is crucial for normal formation of bone proteins. And it also shows that intake of the vitamin C plays a role in preventing bone loss [32].


How to Use:


When mixed with water, the substances used in this product give bubbles off for a short while.

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